The Child Connection Center is designed to serve families in three neighboring Gloucester County Schools: Herma Simmons Elementary School, Central Early Childhood Center, and Saint Michael, the Archangel Regional School.

The goal of the Child Connection Center is to work together with collaborative and strategic partners to nurture healthy relationships among students and their families and promote student development in social, emotional, behavioral and mental health so that each child has the opportunity to reach academic success and move toward positive development as self-sufficient adults.

To best serve whole people within whole families, the Child Connection Center provides direct services for individual students in the educational setting and utilizes those children as the gateway to the rest of the family. Services provided by the Child Connection Center include: emotional and behavioral support for individual students and small groups; teacher support and whole classroom strategies; one-to-one support for parents; in-home strategies focused on positive techniques for parenting success; and additional family support to build healthy relationships and successful outcomes for parents and children.

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